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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 20:00

Madness To Snub Gers

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CHIEF EXECUTIVE Charles Green finds it incredible that Rangers have been ignored and excluded from the decision-making process in the restructuring of the Scottish game.


While virtually every club in the country is struggling financially and barely filling their stadium, Rangers are thriving as all of the investment plans made by the consortium have come to fruition.

Green says it is folly not to have sought the views of the biggest club in the country.

He said: “There have been a series of meetings, I believe, with various clubs being asked to give a view but I haven’t been asked, although I’m past the point of waiting for invitations as I’m not on anyone’s guest list.

“Putting me aside I think it is unbelievable that we have a proposal that is now being debated which could come into place for next year.

“We have no say in it, we have no vote in it – although that’s par for the course for Rangers.

“I am long since being disappointed because the events of the last six or seven months have taught me some very stark lessons.

“I have gone on record a number of times where I see the madness of Scotland having no parallel.

“If we are genuinely looking at transforming Scottish football then why wouldn’t you include the biggest club?

“Why wouldn’t you ask what their plans might be, where they could assist with sponsorship or with financial input because this is all about cash?

“What we have demonstrated – not just to Scottish football but to the world – is that we took this club from the abyss in May, turned it round, transformed its finances; put it in front of the financial world and the institutions in London who have supported it.

“So if anyone ever wanted evidence of we know what we are doing, we have delivered it, we’ve done it.

“But don’t talk to us we don’t know what we’re doing!”


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