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Friday, 05 April 2013 18:35

Charles Green Statement

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CHARLES GREEN, Chief Executive of Rangers Football Club, tonight released the following statement.

He said: “Once again Craig Whyte has made serious allegations against the people who have committed themselves to rebuilding a Scottish institution which, almost single-handedly, he dragged towards the brink of oblivion.

“That he, after all he did to damage Rangers and the Club’s vast and loyal support, should attempt to denigrate those who stepped in to pick up the pieces and begin what will be a huge restructuring of the Club at all levels is deeply disappointing but predictable.

“It is also regrettable that one minute the media is lining up to blacken his name and the next they are allowing him a soapbox. But no matter how many newspapers or TV channels welcome him in, the fact is Mr Whyte will not be allowed to succeed.

"We all need to be absolutely clear on what is happening. These are distorted and malicious allegations coming from a man who is completely discredited and now under police investigation.

“I am happy, as is Imran Ahmad, to become the subject of any investigations and we are more than willing to answer any and all questions about our conduct while communicating with Mr Whyte in attempts to take ownership of his shares in the Club.

“So, of course there were discussions and agreements with regard to his shares and debenture release. There has never been any attempt to deny or disguise that and I told supporters that when I addressed them during Q and A sessions.

“However, it must be stressed that no matter what Mr Whyte believes there was never any possibility of him being involved with us in the ownership of this Club. And there was most certainly never any intention to pay him anything.

“But let’s deal with Mr Whyte’s delusional view of what actually happened by addressing one fantasy at a time:

“He claims I was his front man. He could not be more wrong. With 8%, I am the major shareholder in Rangers FC and I have no tie in of any kind with Mr Whyte. He was never going to become an associate and never will. He has no right to any claim on Rangers FC, its shares or assets.

“It is alleged there is a letter which agrees Mr Whyte and a business partner of his, Aidan Earley, would have a majority shareholding in Sevco 5088. If there is it wasn’t signed or endorsed by me. Perhaps Mr Whyte would be good enough to send me a copy.

“Yes, Mr Whyte was told what he wanted to hear but there was never any likelihood of him becoming involved again. And remember, this was even before any of us were aware that the SFA had deemed him an unfit person to return to Scottish football.

“In a discussion with Mr Whyte, who taped some conversations, I am alleged to have said: ‘You are Sevco, that’s what we are saying.

“This is correct but at that point I had signed a resignation letter and a stock transfer form because it was decided that a Scottish company should buy a Scottish institution. Sevco 5088 wasn’t required.

“I was not going to allow this man anywhere near this Club again. That was my view from the beginning and it was also Imran Ahmad’s view.

“Imran was saying what he had to say to keep Mr Whyte onside because we believed Rangers could be rescued from a CVA and so it was vital to get his shares. All of the parties who tried to buy the Club before us also had the same problem and they’d have made promises in order to get those shares.

“Mr Whyte may have allowed himself to believe he could be part of a new regime but we always knew there could be no way back for him. How could there be after all that he’d done?

“He said he wanted to invest and Imran said: ‘Okay, fine. We need to come up with something like £6m each.’

“But there was never any possibility of him coming up with that kind of money. Imran knew that. I knew that but we went about the business of raising the cash.

“He was supposed to pay £25,000 for legal fees to the lawyers who would deal with the transfer of shares but his cheque bounced. Imran felt he had to keep him going down the road of giving over his shares so he was told if he had the money he could still deposit it.

“But the money wasn’t wanted in any accounts dealing with this business so he was given another one. But of course the £6m didn’t materialise and neither did £1m or even half of that.

“However, just more than £137,000 was deposited later and although way short of what he said he had, we were stunned and have tried to give it back to him. But no matter how hard we try to do that he won’t accept receipt of it.

“This money has never been touched. It has never been used and it is not required. We don’t want it, don’t need it and Mr Whyte is perfectly well aware of that.

“So, let’s look at what has happened. Mr Whyte wanted to be part of our group and wanted to invest £6m, which of course we would never have taken but instead he went from that to demanding £1m in perpetuity from us plus six seats in the Directors’ Box and six in the Members’ area.

“This was demanded in return from him giving us his shares. He was told in no uncertain terms that this was ludicrous and since then he has continued to try to derail our work at Ibrox which includes massive redevelopment plans.

“Rangers FC will become bigger than ever while Mr Whyte, hopefully will diminish. After all, this is someone, who just prior to the proposed CVA circular being posted, greenmailed the consortium for his £1m in perpetuity before agreeing to sign a stock transfer form.

“He has not invested a penny in Rangers FC.

“Also, he has made spurious claims before and these were shown to the company lawyers. They were rejected completely.

“We cannot understand why Mr Whyte keeps going to the media rather than the court. He has threatened to take Duff & Phelps to court, the SFA to court and now Charles Green and Imran Ahmad. We suggest he gets on with it.

“If he wants to go to court we would be delighted to see him there. It is a shame Mr Whyte keeps trying to destabilise the Club he very nearly destroyed.

“It is also a great pity the media outlets continue to give him platforms.’

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