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Season Tickets 2014-15

This is not just your seat.

You are keeping it warm for the generations to come.

Because Rangers Football Club is bigger than any individual.

We are a team with over 50 thousand players.

One footballing family dressed in light blue.

Turning up to play our part every Saturday afternoon and floodlit night.

Season after season (and sometimes four seasons in one game).

Warming up in the training ground, the park; with teammates, with friends.

Celebrating every goal, every victory, every piece of silverware.

Never giving up, even when the odds are stacked against us.

This is a place where legends never die, they grow.

Where even the players are lifelong fans.

But we are all just custodians playing our 90 minutes and then passing it forward.

Together we can make sure there’s always a Rangers.

Renew your ticket for the coming season.

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