Rangers Launch MyGers For 150th Year

RANGERS’ World Record-breaking 55th league title was clinched earlier this month to acclaim from around the globe.

It was a truly historic moment, and one which the incredibly loyal Rangers support have waited 10 years for.

Their backing has never been in doubt, and over the last year, they have again come to the fore, with 29,000 supporters signing up to become MyGers members.

The contributions of those members has directly supported the football operation of the club, and indeed, the delivery of 55.

Rangers’ Sporting Director, Ross Wilson, is extremely grateful to MyGers members, and explained: "MyGers has been very, very important for us. It is about a year ago now I first remember discussing this as a board when James Bisgrove was ready to launch the MyGers campaign.

"The support it has had has been absolutely fantastic from fans both domestically and internationally all over the world with Rangers fans joining the membership.

"For us, and I think I said at the time as well, it is not only about the team. Of course, the contributions help us to strengthen the team and help us to make the team better all the time in the market both at first-team level and below, but I think I used the phrase before that we are striving here to create a real, elite, modern football operation.

"We have made massive strides towards doing that, but we need to be restless and relentless all the time to strive for more and strive for better.

"We have already got plans that we have confirmed internally to make this club stronger in the summer, make our facilities better, make our departments stronger and always looking to make our team stronger, of course.

"The MyGers campaign and the support of that from the international fans, the domestic fans and all of the Rangers fans all over the world can only make a stronger Rangers all the time, and that is certainly what I am here to do - it is to try and make this the best football operation we can possibly make it.

"We have made massive strides and I am so proud of the football operation we have built when I sit here today, and of course, we always want to point back to the Rangers fans and the MyGers members for all the support they give us.

"I have gone on record a number of times to thank our Chairman and the investors for continually supporting myself and Steven during our time here to make as strong a Rangers as we possibly can, and equally, we are thankful to the MyGers members for the support they give us in building a real, modern Rangers football operation."

A major benefit MyGers members can look forward too once current Covid restrictions lift is an open training session with the Rangers first-team at Ibrox Stadium.

Wilson continued: "We were really keen for that before to invite MyGers members along to an open training session at Ibrox.

"We will be delighted if we can do that within the coming months for the MyGers members, Coronavirus restrictions lifting, of course, but we would love, and I know Steven and all the coaching staff and the players would be delighted to see the MyGers members at such a session.

"Here's hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel for everybody - we know how much the Rangers fans have missed watching the team play at Ibrox and away from home this year, and things like an open training session would be something we would be massively supportive of and we would be delighted to do that as it would show we are making a lot of progress against the pandemic."

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