UPDATED 27/01: Rangers Launch New RangersTV Website And App

RANGERS are today delighted to announce the launch of the new RangersTV website and enhanced mobile app.

This marks the next step of the club’s Digital Transformation Strategy launched in the summer which encompassed a new club website and a digital native club brand, with a refreshed club crest.

Supporters have benefitted from an enhanced RangersTV live broadcast this season as part of our commitment to our season ticket holders and subscribers, and from tomorrow we will be enhancing the RTV website.

The new RangersTV homepage is entirely in-line with the design of the new club website and fully integrated, meaning that you will never miss when new exclusive interviews, match action, features and highlights are added for subscribers.

The new website and app will unify a number of different club platforms and allow fans to login once as we begin our roll out of Single Sign On across our digital offerings.

Users will be able to login to the rangers.co.uk website, the RangersTV website and app and the soon to be released club app and move across our digital platforms without having to login on each website, improving the user experience.

We have plans in place to add more digital websites to this rollout throughout 2021 to again further improve the experience for supporters and make it as simple as possible for fans.

As part of this upgrade, the existing RangersTV app which is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play will later this week be updated for all users who have it already downloaded on their device.

Over the course of this week, some users may experience difficulty accessing content on the old app. Users experiencing access issues should await the app update and access content through the RTV website during that period.

UPDATE 1: Supporters should now be able to download and access the Android version of the RangersTV App HERE.

UPDATE 2: We are aware of a problem that is affecting AOL, Yahoo and Sky email users. We are working on a solution for this and will communicate further. You can in the interim email [email protected] for help.

UPDATE 3: We have now put a fix in place to allow people registering with valid AOL/Yahoo/Sky addresses to receive their activation email. Anyone using any of these providers who have created an account and who haven't received an activation email already will receive instructions this afternoon (26/1).

UPDATE 4: Supporters should now be able to download and access theh Apple version of the RangersTV App HERE.

I'm an existing RangersTV subscriber, what do I need to do?

  • STEP ONE: When logging in to RangersTV for the first time after launch, you will need to create a new Rangers Account using the email address you currently use for RangersTV - you can do this here: https://login.rangers.co.uk/Auth/Register

  • STEP TWO: As soon as it is available, update your existing mobile app. We will communicate through normal club channels as soon as the updated iOS and Android apps are available.

  • Use https://rangers.co.uk/tv for all content until your app is updated.

I am a season ticket holder, can I still watch home matches live?

  • Yes, you will also have to create a Rangers Account as above and you will be able to watch.

  • Be sure to use the same email address for your new Rangers Account as you use for your existing RangersTV account, so we can match them and ensure you have no interruption in service.

  • You will be able to watch the match by clicking HERE.

You can read more FAQ’s on creating a Rangers Account HERE and general RangersTV FAQs HERE.