A Message From Managing Director Stewart Robertson

Dear supporter,

The last week has been a challenge for our club, both on and off the field. In particular, I am aware the current online ticketing system requires significant upgrading and improvement. Rest assured, we are investing in this area and are working tirelessly to rectify the issues experienced by supporters.

I would like to apologise to those supporters who have had issues with the system, whilst we also recognise communication regarding ticketing needs further clarity.

The board has invested in improving our digital platforms, with a new club website, app and RangersTV improvements. This is an ongoing commitment, and we will constantly seek to improve the platforms that we have. The ticketing platform was already a planned area of focus but is now our top priority given supporter feedback.

In parallel, we are committed to increasing our customer service levels across the club by expanding resource and technology in this area. This will mean more contact points for supporters and faster response times to queries in the future. We will invest in live chat features and increased staffing available to reply to queries.

We have committed to an increase in staffing in our customer service division and will add further numbers by the end of this week. For any supporters that have had challenges with any part of the ticketing system and for those unfamiliar with technology, a number of drop-in sessions will be offered at Ibrox in the coming weeks.

I share your disappointment in the Club having received a reduced allocation for the Ross County game and unfortunately, we anticipate reduced allocations to continue for the foreseeable future. This has been exacerbated by Scottish FA Covid-19 guidelines which require an enlarged “Red Zone” area within stadiums which do not permit supporters.

As an example of demand for this weekend’s fixture, we received over 8,000 individual ticket registrations for the Ross County away match, but the club’s total allocation was just over 1,000 tickets. From this allocation, 1,000 tickets were made available to supporters who registered or were distributed to Rangers Supporters Clubs.

We appreciate that the “First Come, First Serve” sales process that was used before the Ross County game was challenging for a number of supporters. A dedicated team are reviewing this process and we will provide an update before our away match versus St Johnstone in September. As part of this review, we will undertake several ‘fan focus’ groups and an extended consultation on the process for domestic away tickets.

To register for a fan focus group on ticketing please sign up here. The club would like to talk to as many fans as possible and we hope to see a range of supporters involved in the sessions so that we can gather feedback from a number of different perspectives.

Furthermore, we would like to communicate to the following updates:

  • We understand supporters are keen to understand ticket availability as early as possible so that travel and personal arrangements can be made in connection with the game. The allocation and receipt of tickets are determined by the opposition club and are ultimately outside our direct control, but we will always turn around sales windows as fast as possible. We often create ticket sales windows within 24 hours of receiving the information from the opposition club and this is something we will continue to do going forward.

  • We would like to emphasise that the club has sought to create a model that rewards loyalty by offering supporters at the top of the tiers with greater access to tickets, but we have also created windows of opportunity for other levels so that we don’t create a “closed shop” which is often a problem with clubs who consistently experience high demand over supply. The Rangers travelling support is one of the biggest in European football and it remains our commitment to ensure as many fans as possible are able to experience supporting our team away from home.

  • Additional focus is being placed on supporters who belong to a “Friends & Family Group” to ensure they can be allocated seats together wherever possible as we understand this is an important part of the away day experience for fans.

Thank you for your outstanding ongoing support and also your patience. We are committed to getting this right to ensure every supporter has the best-possible experience when dealing with the club. Apologies once again.

Best Regards