Club Statement

RANGERS can confirm that we met with Facebook and Instagram today. This was the first step in constructive dialogue between our club and social media platforms.

As a club, we take a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of racism and discrimination. We believe faceless online perpetrators should be held accountable. It is vital that our players and staff are protected online.

We outlined our strong belief that social media companies should make it mandatory to provide identification before being able to obtain an account.

Furthermore, we outlined that young people should be educated and empowered to ensure future generations understand the gravity and impact of their online actions. This is a responsibility of social media platforms, but we highlighted that as a club, we are willing to assist.

As a club, we are proud of the success of our ground-breaking Everyone Anyone campaign which sends a clear message of inclusion, togetherness and a zero-tolerance to all forms of discrimination on and off the pitch.

We are grateful for this initial dialogue and look forward to a constructive ongoing engagement.