Supporter Information: Restricted Access At Copland Concourse

THE development of the prestigious new Edmiston House at the Copland concourse is an exciting prospect and work is now well underway. To protect the building site we have had to reduce the width of the external Copland concourse behind the stand near to Edmiston Drive.

Consequently, the ease of which supporters can leave the stadium is more restricted and can be time consuming. To ensure that spectators can leave the stadium in the safest and most timely manner it is requested that on leaving the stadium at full time, this area is to be avoided if at all possible and the following routes are recommended.

Area of Copland Concourse at Edmiston Drive

This area to be avoided if possible at full time.

Club Deck, Main Stand and East & West Enclosures

Heading for the Ibrox Subway from Club Deck, Main Stand or East Enclosure, then simply keep walking on Edmiston Drive past the Copland concourse and turn left at the traffic lights onto Copland Road.

Supporters should not walk northwards onto the Copland concourse from Edmiston Drive. This will cause congestion due to the majority of fans heading south towards Edmiston Drive.

Copland Stand

If heading for Paisley Road West then please use the steps at Harrison Drive and turn right onto Copland Road. This will allow you to easily walk south to Paisley Road West.

Sandy Jardine Stand

If wishing to access Paisley Road West to thereafter head East or West then please do not walk the full length behind the Copland Stand. Either walk from Mafeking Street or down the steps at Harrison Drive. Both will lead directly onto Copland Road and allow you easier access by turning right and walking Southwards.

Please note that these routes will not result in greater distance to be travelled or indeed a longer time to reach your destination. If followed, you should be able to leave the stadium area with greater ease and in less time.