Supporter Information: UEFA Europa League Final

Rangers are expecting to see our supporters travelling to Seville in large numbers. We have worked to ensure supporters with, and without tickets have the opportunity to experience this momentous occasion. We know our fans will have a great time, enjoy the beautiful city of Seville, and act as worthy ambassadors of Rangers Football Club as we celebrate our 150th anniversary year.


  • Gates will be opened at 18:00 hrs

  • Kick off will be at 21:00 hrs

  • All spectators should arrive at the stadium on time

  • Rangers supporters should enter via entrances C and D


  • Allowed only with a valid match ticket

  • Every spectator of any age needs to have a valid personal match ticket

  • No ticket can be purchased at the stadium

  • Mobile ticket holders should open the ticket application and turn on Bluetooth on their devices

  • Supporters should anticipate ticket checks and body searches

  • Supporters must also have ID on them as per Spanish legislation

  • Please note, that small battery packs (size of a mobile phone or smaller) will be permitted in the stadium


  • For safety & security reasons, security checks will be made in all entrances. There are 28 ticket check channels with 56 body channels for Rangers supporters

  • Please follow the guidance of security personnel onsite

  • Please note that anyone in possession of pyrotechnics at the stadium is liable to arrest by Spanish Police and would forfeit their ticket

  • Anyone attempting to enter without a ticket may also be arrested by local police


  • Only small size daypacks ( are allowed to be brought inside the stadium after security checks

  • Any bigger bags or belongings than A4 size and/or belongings, which contents are prohibited by Ground Regulations will be rejected and must be stored at the baggage drop facility to the north of the stadium


  • The Rangers supporter bag deposit is located to the north of the stadium on C.Rico Cejudo

  • The service is free of charge with tokens or bands given to all supporters who deposit items

  • Please note, that all bags will be searched and there is a limited capacity for storage


1. Basic instructions:

a) Gates will open 3 hrs before KO

b) Arrive according to your recommended time slot as indicated on your ticket to leave enough time to go through all necessary procedures

c) Make sure in advance that you know where your entry point is

d) Make yourself familiar with the stadium rules, sanitary measures and policies in place

e) Do not occupy any other seat, other than the allocated as per your ticket

f) Follow the directional signage and queuing system in place at the stadium

g) Follow any and all instructions from stewards and officials

h) If you are attending with friends and family, please make sure they have read and understood these guidelines too

2. Prohibited Conduct:

It is forbidden to:

a) Throw objects or liquid, particularly the pitch or at another person

b) Start a fire or use pyrotechnics

c) Express or disseminate insulting, xenophobic, sexist, religious, political or other prohibited views

d) Act in a way that could be seen as dangerous, discriminatory, threatening or offensive

e) Carry on any commercial activity without authorisation from UEFA (selling items, tickets, collecting)

f) Climb on structures

g) Write, paint or stick anything to structures or installations

h) Relieve oneself anywhere other than toilets, or litter the stadium

3. The possible penalties are:

a) Expulsion from the stadium and police report made

b) Banning offenders from the stadium

c) Cancellation without refund of all tickets purchased

d) Personal information shared with relevant football; associations and police for appropriate further measures (i.e. stadium ban)

e) Legal proceedings against the individual

f) Penalties according to applicable laws


Ground Regulations and a full list of Prohibited Items can be found HERE.

Please note the maximum flag size for the stadium – 2m x 1.5m.


Host city transportation:

  • Direct connection between Airport <> City centre/Stadium (~30 min. bus)

  • Santa Justa Train Station <> Stadium (~15 min. walk)

  • Reinforced public transport (bus, metro) and dedicated shuttles

  • Public parking for private cars (“la Feria”) with a direct connection to the Stadium by metro

  • C1 & C2 Bus Lines are in operation throughout the city linking Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium, Alameda de Hercules (Barqueta), and Cartuja. C1 runs clockwise towards Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan and C2 counter-clockwise towards La Cartuja

  • Buses are every 8-10 mins before 5pm and every 4-5 Mins after. They are paid in cash on the bus or prepaid at 1 of 900 TUSSAM selling points in the city (€1.40)

Coach parking:

Airport coach drop off and stadium shuttle pick up:

Stadium shuttle drop off: C. Luis Montoto at Av de la Cruz del Campo

Airport Coach Pick Up: On C. Luis Montoto at C. Jose Luis de Casso

General parking information:

  • No coaches or supporter cars will be allowed inside the Stadium Traffic Perimeter

  • Tour Operators can pre-book free Charter Coach parking: Bus Parking - Introduction Form (

  • A large parking lot for individual supporters travelling by car will be available at Feria (Parking Estacion Blas Infante). Please note it is paid parking with no bookings required. From there, supporters can access the stadium by Metro L1at Blas Infante station. Distance from parking to the Stadium: 4 km. Time: 24 min by metro (7 stops)

  • Dedicated signage will be deployed along the routes to the Stadium

FAN MEETING POINT: Alameda de Hércules (Supporters with tickets)

Rangers fans with tickets are recommended to gather at Alameda de Hércules, a vibrant area with many bars and cafes in an area which can hold around 10,000-12,000 supporters. It will be open all matchday.

UEFA has also advised the following that the following will be provided:

  • Volunteers to advise supporters

  • Portable toilets

  • Pedestrian itinerary (travel route to the match)

  • Dedicated shuttles to the stadium

Fans travelling to the stadium from here are advised to take the following route to the stadium:

Alameda de Hércules – Relator – Fray Diego de Cádiz – Muñoz León – Ronda Capuchinos – María Auxiliadora – Recaredo – Luis Montoto



This meeting point is where it is recommended supporters travelling without tickets congregate. There will be music, food, drink, and toilet facilities all available within this meeting point which is adjacent to the stadium. It will open at 11am and close at 8pm.


Rangers supporters travelling without tickets will be encouraged to watch the match live inside La Cartuja Stadium which holds up to 60,000 fans.

Tickets are priced at €10 and will be available to purchase HERE.

Please note, we are aware that the website has been having issues with the large volume of traffic and continue to liaise with the Stadium management to resolve.

The immediate stadium footprint will open at 7:30pm with the gates opening at 8pm. Please note you will only gain entry to the stadium with a valid ticket. Tickets can also be purchased at the adjacent fan meeting point.

There is a reinforced bus service with C2 heading towards La Cartuja and C1 away.


Please note, due to the immense number of supporters travelling to Seville, it is anticipated that all flight routes will likely have increased traffic and supporters should take appropriate precautions. Additionally, it is anticipated that parking at Glasgow Airport will be particularly challenging.

Please also look at the local entry requirements for travelling to Spain. The UK government advice can be found HERE. Please note, those who have received their 2nd vaccine dose more than 270 days ago require to have had their booster to enter Spain.

It is likely that Sun Cream and other SPF products will be in short supply in Seville, so supporters are encouraged to remember to bring their own. Additionally, the temperature is extremely high so precautions should be made.


Accessible transport from the airport

Supporters can take the Seville urban transport line between the airport to Plaza de Armas in the city centre. The journey takes approximately 35 minutes. Most of these buses are suitable for wheelchair users with low-level floors and space for wheelchair users.

Fan Meeting Point: Alameda de Hércules (Supporters with tickets)

The fan meeting point provides level access for wheelchair-users and people with ambulant impairments.

Transport to stadium

Bus: There a number of accessible buses that run from Seville city centre to the stadium. A lot of these services are suitable for wheelchair users with low-level floors and space to accommodate one wheelchair.

Metro/Tram: Seville metro system is fully accessible for disabled passengers. The nearest metro stops to the stadium are Nervion and Gran Plaza, both approximately 500m away from the stadium.

Entering the stadium

There are designated lanes in both sectors C and D for wheelchair-users taking you up to up to the stadium.

Wheelchair-users and/or people with an ambulant impairment should enter at Gate 19.

Audio-commentary equipment

English language commentary will be provided for people with visual-impairment within the stadium. Radio headsets will be provided from the ticket office at the stadium. If you would like to access this service, please contact Rangers Disability Access Officer (details below).


If you have any other access requirements or support issues, please contact John Speirs, Rangers Disability Access Officer on:

Telephone: 07513 480 255

E-mail: [email protected]

For general supporter enquires regarding this trip you can contact Greg Marshall, Rangers SLO on:

Telephone: 0141 580 8670

E-mail: [email protected]

Supporters should utilise the page to establish if their query can be answered there also.

We will continue to update as new information is confirmed over the coming days.