Leon Balogun: It's A Great Win

LEON BALOGUN produced an outstanding performance to help his Rangers team over the line in this afternoon’s Old Firm match at Ibrox – and he was understandably thrilled to taste victory in his first derby outing.

The central defender assisted keeping an 18th clean sheet of the season in the league from 22 matches played so far, with Callum McGregor’s own goal the difference between the sides.

Speaking to RangersTV afterwards, Balogun explained: "It's a great win. It wasn't easy - we struggled in the first-half and got lucky a little bit, though we worked hard to get that luck in the first-half.

"But then it was a good comeback in the second half and we were much better in the second half.

"Then, to obviously score and bring it over the line is an amazing feeling. It is my first Old Firm personally, and while the fans were missing, I think we will all be really united even though we cannot celebrate together."

Manager Steven Gerrard was significantly happier with Gers’ second half performance as opposed to their first.

Balogun believes it is a good trait to be able to win while not being at your absolute best, continuing: "It shows character but it also shows resilience. Everybody always wants to see you dominating teams and outplaying them and beating them three, four or five-nil, but it is football and they see us play and they adjust.

"So sometimes, you just have to dig deeper and find new ways. That's sometimes why you maybe see us even struggle, but it shows great character and resilience that we still work to find ways and somehow get the results.

"I am sure the staff are already working on solutions for the games that are to come as there is no need now to get complacent or carried away. We just need to continue to work hard as we are just a bit more than halfway through.

"But we have to repeat what we have done so far."

Balogun also gave a message for the club’s supporters, with today being 50 years since the Ibrox Disaster.

He added: "It is a big anniversary today of what was a very sad incident, so that is some way to give back and make the fans, and especially the families, a little gift.

"But as a club, and with the big family we are, it is massive. Every Old Firm you win is massive, but even more-so today."

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