Tavernier: Six Years Have Made Me Who I Am Today

AFTER extending his time at Rangers to at least a nine-year association today, James Tavernier took time to reflect on his time at the club so far.

Now the captain who will go down in history as the one who led the club to 55, it has been a tale of highs and lows through his time at Ibrox so far.

Now, he is determined to push on for even more glory, with the skipper determined for 55 to be the marker ahead of future trophy success.

He told RangersTV exclusively: "It has been a long time! It has been six years, but it has made me who I am today and it has given me great experience from the journey.

"I have seen the players who have come and gone and the managers that have come and gone and I have learned a lot of things throughout that of course.

"But one thing is, the fans have always stuck by me and it is a credit to them - you will never see any supporters like that in the world and it is absolutely amazing what they give to the team and to myself.

"This is only the start of something really special for this club from where we are at now. It is not the end, it is the start of something.

"I cannot wait. On May 15, it will really set in what we have achieved and hopefully we can have some fans in the stadium so they can enjoy it with us.

"But you have that little taste of success and you just want more and more and we have the Scottish Cup, and we are in that to win that.

"You just want to constantly win more and more trophies and it was an easy decision when the club offered me an extension.

"I still have unfinished business - there are cups there that I haven't won that I want to win, so I am looking to stay."

There is no doubt Rangers hold a special place in Tavernier’s life, and he added: "I said it from the very start when Mark Warburton brought me through the doors, this was the first club that gave me the foundations and the platform to go and play football.

"I have enjoyed it ever since. There have been ups and downs through that, but this is a club that has given me the opportunity to showcase what I am about and I will continue giving back to the club and the fans everything that I have got.

"This is the start of something and I can't wait to get back out there, put on the jersey again and keep performing well."

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